Best Non-Electric Water Purifiers

Ensuring Safe Drinking Water:

Tips and Guidelines for Healthy Hydration

Water is essential for the life of humans and other living creatures. Excluding fat, water makes up about 70% of the human body by mass. Water plays a significant role in metabolism and acts as a solvent to dissolve solutes. The Environmental Protection Agency previously reported that the average American drank 2.0 liters of water a day, but now reports that intake varies by age.

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Canned vs Gravity Filtered Water

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing The Healthier Drinking Water

Water is a unique and dedicated gift from nature, and evaluation of life and water are intricately linked. Water is essential for human survival. Our bodies are composed of approximately 60% water, and we rely on water for many critical biological functions, including digestion, circulation, temperature regulation, and waste elimination.

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Water Tips for Summer Hydration

Are there any natural drinks that help with hydration in the summer?

Keeping kids and slef hydrated during the summer months can be a tricky task. With the hot temperatures and long days, it's easy for them to become dehydrated.
However, there are some top secret tips that you can use to ensure that your kids stay hydrated throughout the summer. 

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