Features of Gravity Water Filter System

How Water Filters can Save your Money?

With the rising cost of water bills, it is important to invest in a water purifier that can save you money and ensure quality drinking water.

Water filters are an effective way of reducing your monthly expenses of buying water cans and improve the taste and quality of your drinking water.

Not only do they remove the contaminants from your drinking water, also they help to reduce chlorine level from your drinking water and make it healthier for your regular consumption.

Investing in a good quality of water filter can help to improve the taste and remove odor from your tap water. Making it more pleasant for drinking.

Water Filter are effective way to ensure that your family have an access to clean and safe drinking water all the time. They can effectively remove 95% of chlorine, lead, and 99.9% bacteria, Viruses from your drinking water.

Additionally, they can reduce odors and tastes that can be unpleasant in tap water. Investing in a quality filter will help you save money on water can's while also providing great-tasting and healthy drinking water for your family.

Cost of a Rama Sprit Candles Pairs

1. Cost of Sprit Candles (Pair) - ₹990 for 6000 litres.
2. One Household of 4 members required on average 20 litres of water per day for drinking & cooking. Lifespan for the pair of spirit candles will therefore 6000 Litres of pure drinking water. Therefore, the cost of 1 Litre filtered water works out less than 0.20 rupees per litre.

Therefore the cost of filtering your water worksout to less than 20 paise per litre. 

Why Water Filters are Important for your Family?

Important to invest in a good water filter, that avoid to buying of water cans and reducing your expenses as well.

And also reduces the cost of money you’re going to spend on repair or replace RO systems. Furthermore, using a water filter that ensure your family drinks pure and safe drinking water.

Provide safe and healthy drinking water for your children, friends, and pets as well, and it retains the essential minerals which required to keep yourself hydrated all the time.


Think Before Buying Water Cans! Save Money with a quality water filter and purifier to protect your family from diseases.

Table header 0LITRE (1L)DAY (20L)MONTH (600L)YEAR (7200L)
CANNED WATER ₹ 1.5₹ 30₹ 900₹ 10800
TOTAL SAVINGS ₹ 1.3₹ 26₹ 780₹ 9360

CANNED WATER: A family required 20 Litres of water to drinking & Cooking for one day. Cost of 20 Litres Water Can ₹30 on average. So, you are Spending of ₹900 per month or more. Therefore, you're probably spending ₹10,800 per Annum or more. Invest in a quality water filter which protects your family from bacteria, viruses and other contaminates.

WATER FILTERS: At ₹3990 for a 12-litre system, get back your investment in cost of water cans less than 5 months'. Thereafter filter your water at less than 20 paise per litre and save ₹780 per month or more! Finally, you will save ₹9360 for one year using our RAMA Water Filters.

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