RAMA Carbon 8 Inch Fast Filtration Water Purifier Candle-Single

RAMA Carbon 8 Inch Fast Filtration Water Purifier Candle-Single

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The RAMA Carbon is the fastest solution for Gravity based water purifiers. It is made with high quality proprietary media that removes 99.9% bacteria from water. RAMA Carbon can purify upto 8 litres of water per hour while retaining its essential minerals required for your body. Protect your family with the RAMA Carbon by drinking safe, clean water and say a big goodbye to mineral less waters.

  • 4 to 8 times faster than Ceramic filter candles
  • Each candle removes chlorine from tap water for 10,000 litres
  • Removes Lead, Heavy metals and other Volatile organic compounds
  • Improves taste of your water and removes foul odours
  • Compatible with your existing Rama water filter



The cleaning for the RAMA Carbon is different from the Ceramic cartridges. When the filtration gets slow, remove RAMA Carbon from the water purifier and place the candle upside down under tap water for few mins. Kindly ensure that the water enters through the nozzle of cup attached to the RAMA Carbon cartridge. DO NOT USE a scrub pad or any scrubbing material to remove the blockage from RAMA Carbon cartridge.