RAMA Spirit 7" Activated Carbon Candle, Single

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The RAMA Spirit is the heart of the RAMA Gravity filter.

It's high-tech

Silver impregnated ceramic with an activated carbon core, made in India with  UK Technology, using imported materials.

It's safe, lab-tested

Removes harmful chemicals, bad taste, odor. Removes 99.99% bacteria, 100% particles > 0.9 micron. Prevent Cholera, Typhoid, Salmonella, Leptospirosis, Dysentery, E.Coli infections and many more.

It saves money

One candle lasts up to 3000 litres, at just 18.3 paise per litre.
It's essential

Prevent bacterial and viral infections transmitted through your drinking water


It's the best water filter candle in India.

Compatible even with your old RAMA water filter, and most other stainless steel gravity water filters