Why Activated Carbon Water Filter Should Be Your Water Purification Choice?

Why Activated Carbon Water Filter Should Be Your Water Purification Choice?

Everyone likes the taste of fresh drinking water. However, it is unfortunate that everyone doesn’t have access to fresh and clean water. Consuming poor-quality water can lead to severe conditions like chronic lung disease or asthma. 

Luckily, with the best activated carbon water filters, you can purify water effectively. The solution is popular in households and various industries. This article will help you learn why activated carbon water filters should be your choice for water purification. 

What is An Activated Carbon Filter?

An activated carbon filter purifies water using carbon as its primary filter medium. Generally, these carbon filters are installed under the sink, on the faucet, or inside the water tank of an icemaker or refrigerator. Activated carbon traps contaminants and impurities when water passes through the filter. 

Activated carbon filters come in different forms.

  • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
  • Bead Activated Carbon (BAC)
  • Extruded Activated Carbon (EAC)
  • Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC)
  • Impregnated Carbon
  • Polymer Activated Carbon
  • Woven Carbon

An activated carbon water filter system is different from other types of carbon filters. Its carbon is “activated” or treated with steam. This process of activation increases the surface area and makes millions of tiny pores in the carbon, thus increasing its ability to trap more contaminants compared to other types of carbon. 

How Do Activated Carbon Filters Work?

Activated carbon has a large surface area, allowing easy absorption of contaminants. When water flows through the activated carbon, the impurities are trapped in the millions of tiny pores existing on the surface of activated carbon. 

The effectiveness of activated carbon filters depends on different factors like the temperature of water, type of impurities, number of contaminants, and acidity. 

Four Ways Activated Carbon Filters Purify Water

  • Removes unwanted substances only
  • Most people think clean water should be all clear with only hydrogen and oxygen. But all minerals and chemicals present in water are not bad for your health. Activated carbon-based water filters get rid of the harmful impurities that can deteriorate your health but allow essential minerals to easily pass through the water without being blocked. This feature makes activated carbon-based filters a reliable solution to purify dirty water. 

  • Minimises health risks
  • Carbon has a porous surface to trap contaminants and remove harmful chemicals. It reduces the content of heavy metals and fluoride in wastewater. Moreover, it adds essential nutrients like magnesium, calcium, and others to the water to enhance its quality. Consequently, water becomes much safer and does not pose the risks of waterborne diseases. 

  • Cleans water naturally
  • Activated carbon filters rely on the absorption method instead of using chemicals to extract contaminants and impurities from water. Moreover, apart from following a natural process, they eliminate water treatment chemicals like chlorine. So, if you’re using well water that was earlier treated with chlorine, an activated carbon filter can remove it after it has processed the water.  

  • Boosts other water purification processes
  • Activated carbon filters have effective purifying properties, which can boost broad industrial water purification processes. Medical and pharmaceutical companies release toxic water comprising harmful contaminants and chemicals. To make this water usable, it must undergo biological and chemical treatment. 

    Activated carbon filters help remove organic molecules and turbidity and serve as an ideal carrier for other water purification methods. The filters support reverse osmosis systems and water softeners in residential areas to produce pure and clean water. 

    Summing up

    Activated carbon is the best and most effective choice to help you remove impurities from water. It can eliminate most contaminants, making water suitable for cooking, drinking, and industrial purposes. You must use high-quality carbon to get the best results. So, always search for the best water purifier online