Query on Water Purifier? View our FAQs.


These are some of the most frequent questions our customers ask with regards to the capabilities and how the RAMA Gravity system and RAMA Spirit candles are used.

  1. Does the RAMA Spirit candle reduce the TDS of water?
    The RAMA Spirit candle removes greater than 99.99% of bacteria, 99% of viruses and greater than 95% of most chemical contaminants such chlorine, while retaining the original mineral content of water. TDS is a measure of the mineral content, such as magnesium, calcium, and sodium, which the RAMA Spirit candle leaves intact. 

  2. Do the candles have to boiled before using?
    It is not required to boil the Spirit candles prior to use. This is usually done only with older model candles.

  3. Do we have to boil the water before putting it in the filter?
    You can directly filter the water. Boiling the water is not required.

  4. What is the life of the Spirit candle? How often should I change it?
    Each RAMA Spirit candle removes bacteria at greater than 99.99% for about 10,000 litres. It also removes Chlorine for about 3000 litres. We recommend you change a pair every 6-12 months depending on your usage and your water condition.

  5. Is installation a hassle? Will there be a team to do the installation?
    Installation is super-easy and can be done by yourself in less than two minutes. It is also very easy to maintain.

  6. How do I know that the candles are performing as advertised?
    You will notice as your candle is filtering out sediments, germs and bacteria, it becomes dirty and brown. This is proof that the candle is doing its job, and is normal.

  7. What do I do when the candles have become dirty? Is it reusable?
    Yes, it is reusable. Clean the candles when the filtration rate has slowed down and the candles have become visibly dirty. The frequency varies from a week to 3 months depending on how muddy your water is. 
    When this happens, wear kitchen gloves and remove the candles from the filter. Then clean the candle surface using a soft brush under running tap water until the original color of the candle is restored. Fix the candles back in the filter and continue using them.

  8. Suppose the bottom container is full after filtering is done and we fill up the upper container with water till the end, will it start leaking?
    Yes, the lower chamber will overflow. It is recommended to fill the upper chamber again when the lower chamber is nearly empty.
  9. Is The Water Not Filtering Completely? 
    It is a normal filtration process of water settling at the upper chamber till the height of the candle cap. If the water gets completely drained from the upper chamber, then there should be some gap issue between the candles and the hole.