water filter made of stainless steel, rama water filter and purifier

Tired of getting sick or catching a cold? Paying ₹400/month or more on water cans?

Protect your family from Cholera, Typhoid and multiple other infections at just ₹0.05 per litre with RAMA Gravity, India's best water purifier

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choose capacity

Delivered home for free. Full refund if you are unsatisfied

Order now and get the RAMA Gravity stainless steel water filter delivered for free. Try it at the comfort of your home. If you don't like it for any reason at all, send it back to us within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

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10-Year Warranty on the Steel. Lasts Long. Really Long.

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Works during power cuts

The RAMA Gravity works with the power of gravity. It is there for you 24x7, during power cuts, floods, cyclones and for any other emergency situation.

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3-Stage Filtration and Purification

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What do our customers say?

What you see is what you get: This product is all it promises! We are more than satisfied with the Rama gravity filter, and congratulate ourselves on this decision every day.

Srinivasan Raghavan

What do our customers say?

Very good filter - and very good service by the seller. Water is filtered quickly and tastes good. Happy that I bought this filter, as I dont need an RO in my area - so this keeps most minerals intact.

P Kashyap

What do our customers say?

Working well. Clean and clear water. Good for drinking and cooking.

Ashwani Kumar

Any conditions for the trial?

Just a few you'll find reasonable.

1. You will need to ship the product back within 60 days from date of purchase. 
On receipt of the product, you will get a full refund.
2. Should be returned with original packaging, with all parts.
3. Steel housing should not be dented. Candles should not be cracked or broken.
4. If you received the candles in broken state, notify us within 7 days of receipt for a replacement.

Read our FAQs. If you still have  questions, feel free to contact us by phone or by email.