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RAMA Spirit 7" Water Filter Candle, with Activated Carbon, Greater Than 4 Log Bacteria Removal

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Short Description

  • Multistage Purification
  • Fights all Pathogens
  • Removes Bacteria, Viruses, Heavy Metals, Chlorine, and Chemicals

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The RAMA Spirit is the heart of the RAMA Gravity filter.

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6 months manufacturer warranty for candles

It's High-Tech

Silver impregnated ceramic with an activated carbon core, made in India with UK Technology, using imported materials.

It's Safe, Lab-Tested

Removes harmful chemicals, bad taste, odor. Removes 99.99% bacteria, 100% particles > 0.9 micron. Prevent Cholera, Typhoid, Salmonella, Leptospirosis, Dysentery, E.Coli infections and many more.

It Saves Money

One pair lasts up to 6000 litres, at 16.5 paise per litre

It's Essential

Prevent bacterial and viral infections transmitted through your drinking water

Gravity Water Filter and Purifier
Water Filter and Purifier

Simply Fill and Enjoy Clean, Chemical-and Bacteria-free Water

The RAMA Gravity purifier is super easy to use.

Simply place on your countertop, fill with water and give the filter a little time.

It is available in 12-Litre, 17-Litre, 24-Litre or 32-litre storage capacities, so you can have more than enough drinking water on tap at any given time. Whether you fill your Gravity with water from the tap, tank or even a borewell, you can count on safe, clean drinking water every time.

Lab-tested And Proven

Introducing Our Comprehensive Third-Party Testing Results: Safeguarding Quality and Purity

BvBacteria & Virus
99.96% of Removal

99.9%  of Removal

PbLead(as Pb)
99.9% Removal

Our Test Reports
LEAD(as Pb)
Spirit Candles Purification process

    Multistage Purification

  • Ceramic Micro Filtration Candles remove less than 0.5 Micron size of bacteria and Viruses.
  • Sterilising -Water passes through an impregnated ceramic layer which sterilises the water and eliminates the growth of bacteria and mould
  • Granular Activated Carbon-Candles absorb Chlorine, Heavy metals, bad taste, odours and organic chemicals from your drinking water.

Powerful Filters, Retain Minerals

The pair of RAMA spirit Candles are made in a 20-year-old facility with proprietary ingredients is compressed into a dense and porous block that absorbs chlorine, lead and other contaminants in your tap water.

Result: Great-tasting water filtered in a natural way, without removing occurring minerals in your tap water, vital to your health. Provide healthy drinking water to your family.

Water Filter and Purifier

How To Test Your Candles

Add 1 Tablespoon of Turmeric powder into the water in a mixing container and stir well. 

Now pour the mixture into the upper chamber of the water filter.

Automatically the coloured water will pass through the Spirit candle and get filtered. 

Collect the resulting clear water in a Glass tumbler and see the clarity. If the colour, taste and odour have been removed from the water, then your candles are perfect.

Installation Process

You never have to wait for a “professional” to install or maintain your best eco-friendly water filter anymore. Install the best non-electric water purifier yourself in under 2 minutes. Tools required – only your hands. You can even delegate the task to your home cleaner!

Watch the video to see how easy it is to assemble.

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Crystal Clear Drinking water

Get Crystal Clear Drinking water

  • Removes even the finest sediments
  • Removes turbidity
Healthy Drinking water

Get Healthy Drinking water

  • Does not reduce TDS
  • Retains essential salts and minerals required for your body
  • Removes greater than 99.99% bacteria
Pure & safe Drinking water

Get Pure & safe Drinking water

  • Removes chlorine
  • Removes chemical contaminants
  • Avoid Cholera, Typhoid, E.Coli and all bacterial infections