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Set of Wing nuts and washer for candles

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Food-grade silicone washer

Chemical Resistance


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1. [Safe for Food Contact]: Food grade silicone washer is specifically formulated to meet stringent regulatory standards for materials that come into contact with food. It does not leach harmful chemicals or toxins into the water, making it a safe choice for water filtration systems.

2. [Chemical Resistance]: Food-grade silicone rubber is resistant to various chemicals, including acids, alkalis, and organic compounds. This property is crucial in water filtration systems, as it ensures that the filter candle remains intact and functional even when exposed to different water sources with varying chemical compositions.

3. [Excellent Sealing Properties]: The silicone washer has exceptional sealing capabilities, providing a tight and secure fit within the water filter housing. It helps prevent water bypass, ensuring that all water passes through the filter media, maximizing filtration efficiency.

4. [Durability]: Silicone Washer is known for its excellent durability. It is resistant to wear, tear, and degradation from prolonged exposure to water and UV radiation. Water filter candles made with food grade silicone washers can withstand repeated use, making them a cost-effective choice for long-term water filtration.

5. [Flexibility]: Silicone Washer is highly flexible and elastic, allowing it to conform to various filter housing designs and withstand pressure differentials during filtration. This flexibility also makes it easier to install and remove the filter candle when necessary.

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