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RAMA Gravity Lite Water Filter, 10 Litre Storage (20 Litre Total Capacity), Chemical Free Plastic Water Purifier : 2 Spirit Candles and Plastic Tap

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  • Works during power cuts.
  • Food Grade Plastic
  • No water wastage.
  • Multi-Stage Purification.
  • Removes 99.99% Bacteria and Viruses.
  • Removes 99.9% Lead, Chlorine, and Heavy metals

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  • [FOOD GRADE PLASTIC] RAMA Gravity Lite Water Filter made from Food Grade Plastic. Food grade plastic is a type of plastic material that meets stringent safety and regulatory standards for direct contact with food. It's non-toxic, resistant to flavor absorption, to ensure food safety and quality. Food grade plastics are heat-resistant, easy to clean, and often recyclable, making them ideal for various culinary applications.
  • [MULTISTAGE PURIFICATION] Our Spirit Candles undergoes 3 stages. Stage 1:Ceramic Micro Filtration - Using 1st method, Candles removes less than 0.5 Micron size of bacteria and Viruses. Stage 2.Sterilising - Using 2nd method, water passes through impregnated ceramic layer which sterilise the water and eliminates growth of bacteria and mould. Stage 3.Granular Activated Carbon - Using 3rd method, Candles adsorbs Chlorine, Heavy metals, bad taste, odours and organic chemical from your drinking water
  • [POWERFUL FILTERS, RETAIN MINERALS] The pair of RAMA Spirit Candles are made in a 20-year old facility high quality coconut-shell-activated carbon with other proprietary ingredients is compressed into a dense and porous block that adsorbs chlorine, lead and other contaminants in your tap water. Result: Great-tasting water filtered in a natural way, without removing occurring minerals in your tap water, vital to your health. Provide healthy drinking water to your childs, friends and pets as well
  • [20-LITRE WATER FILTER]: The RAMA Gravity Water Filter is the perfect solution for families of 2 or more people. It has a large capacity of 20 liters to meet your daily water needs, and it can also be used to make coffee, tea, wash vegetables, cook, and drink. The filter is made of Food Grade Plastic. This design helps to improve filtration efficiency and provides you with clean, healthy water.

What is in the box?

1 x Upper Chamber, 1 x Lower Chamber, 1 x Lid, 2 x Spirit Candle and Plastic Tap

Product Dimensions ‎

24L x 24W x 52H Centimeters

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