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RAMA HandyPure Water Dispenser Includes 1 No of 4 Inch Carbon Candle for Water Cans, Comes with 1200 mAh Battery which Provides 3 Days of Usage in a Single Charge, Auto Stop in 60 Seconds, White Color

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Short description

  • Easy to Use
  • Auto Stop in 60 Seconds
  • USB Rechargeable Battery
  • Food Grade Plastic
  • Fill More Than 600 ML in a Minute
  • Powerful 5W Motor Rating


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Introducing our HandyPure a revolutionary water filter dispenser. Our HandyPure is a high-quality dispenser, for the millions of people without access to clean drinking water. The HandyPure also works as a dispenser for your ‘bubble top’ water can as well. You can refill the can with non - Purified water.


Included Components

  • RAMA HandyPure Water
  • Dispenser Pump
  • RAMA HandyCarb
  • Portable USB Charging
  • Cable
  • Food Grade Silicon Pipe

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The 4 Inch RAMA HandyCarb are made in a 20-year-old facility with proprietary ingredients compressed into a dense and porous block that adsorbs chlorine, lead, and other contaminants from your sourced water. Result: Great-tasting water filtered in a natural way, without removing occurring minerals in your tap water, vital to your health. Provide healthy drinking water to your family. Our Carbon Candle lifespan is up to 2000 Litres.

Easy to Use

Tired of struggling to lift and flip heavy water bottles onto the dispensing machine? Introducing our HandyPure water dispenser – now you can enjoy refreshing water with a simple button press. No more lifting or flipping is required when replacing a water bottle. Operating it is a breeze, saving you valuable time. Just assemble the dispenser with the water can and effortlessly access water without any added risk.

USB Rechargeable Battery

This dispenser operates with a rechargeable 1200mAh battery, eliminating the need for frequent replacements. With an impressive 3-day battery backup on a single full charge, it ensures uninterrupted water dispensing even during power cuts. This feature makes it perfect for various settings, such as homes, offices, outdoor events, and areas with limited power availability. it reduces the consumption of disposable batteries, contributing to a more viable environment.

Powerful 5W Motor

The HandyPure motor boasts a 5W rating, signifying its superior efficiency in comparison to other products in the marketplace. Despite its robust performance, the 5W high-efficiency motor operates with whisper-quiet precision. This ensures that you can relish your water with minimal disruptive noise.